Join us and our campus partners to celebrate Women's History Month 2018!

March 1st-31st

FEBRUARY 28: Biondi Copeland Lecture

Location: Riggs Library
Time: 6 - 8PM

Join the Women's Center as we feature Rosemary Kilkenny, Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity, in our Lecture Series on Women in Higher Education.

MARCH 12: Women Veterans & Resilience

Location: Mortara Center
Time: 4 - 6 PM

The Women's Center will be co-sponsoring an event with the Georgetown University Veteran's Office and GUSVA, the Georgetown University Student Veterans Association, in hosting a panel discussion on resilience in male-dominated environments, in combat, and at home. The panel will feature Antonieta Rico, Director of Communications and Policy at SWAN, Dr. Mary Dupont, a US Army Veteran, and Cortney Howard, a US Marine Corps Veteran, and it will be moderated by Dr. Barbara Mujica.

MARCH 14: Disability Rights and Self-Advocacy

Location: The Women's Center, 327 Leavey Center
Time: 7 PM

Learn about disability rights and the self-advocacy movement at the Women's Center's Feminist Round Table Discussion and Dinner with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.

MARCH 15: Women's & Gender Studies Conference

Location: HFSC Social Room
Time: 9AM - 5PM

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Women's & Gender Studies program by listening to students speak about their work this year!

MARCH 16: Fetishization of Women and Femmes of Color

Location: The Women's Center, 327 Leavey Center
Time: 3 - 5PM

Join SPECTRUM for a conversation on the fetishization of women and femmes of color.

MARCH 17: BRAVE Summit

Location: Gaston Hall
Time: 7:30 PM

Often times, we're told that black women need to be empowered when in fact, black women already have this power and don't need someone to give it to them. We just need the space to unleash it. That's also why 300+ black women and allies came together last year to celebrate the black woman. We are pleased to present the 2018 theme: “2018: Artistically, Authentically, Unapologetically Black.” We chose this theme because there is rhythm in the way we walk, poetry in the way we talk, and art in the way we carry ourselves in a country that consistently tries to conceal us. Many try to replicate, but our skin and our story can never be duplicated. And we strive to live a life with the ability to love ourselves in a world that tells us we are not worthy of this appreciation.

Tickets can be bought at

MARCH 17: Reventón Latino XI: Latinos Unidos

Location: Gaston Hall
Time: 7PM

Reventón Latino is Georgetown’s largest annual Latinx showcase! The showcase is celebrating 11 years of legacy! Student perfomers and choreographers have been preparing the past few month to perform a variety of dances from different Latin American countries, including, Reggaeton, Merengue, Bachata and many more! We wanted to highlight the strength and resilience of Latinx community in light of recent political events and natural disasters. Because of this, this year’s Reventón Latino will raise funds to go towards Operación Exito targeted to help those affected by the hurricane in Puerto Rico in 2017. Get excited to experience a taste of Latin America. We look forward to having you join us in this celebration!

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MARCH 21: Caring for our Sexual Health

Location: Women's Center, 327 Leavey Center
Time: 7 - 8PM

Talk about sexual health with Health Education Services and the Student Health Center at the Women's Center in this Feminist Round Table Discussion and Dinner!

MARCH 22: Bernadin Lecture with Nancy Tuchman

Location: Riggs Library
Time: 6PM

Hear from Nancy Tuchman, Founding Director of the Institute of Environmental Sustainability at Loyola Chicago.

MARCH 23-24: Film Screening of Lady Bird

Location: HFSC, Film Screening Room
Time: 8PM & 11PM

Join the Women's Center and GPB for screenings of this critically acclaimed film.

MARCH 25: OWN IT Summit

Time: 9AM - 5PM

The fifth annual OWN IT Summit is being held on March 24, 2018, and now more than ever we know that the future is female. This year, we're spotlighting the women who are making their voices heard, starting new and challenging conversations, fighting for real and meaningful change, and OWNING IT in everything they do. We hope that you'll join us!

Tickets can be purchased at

APRIL 4: Thank You Brunch!

Location: Women's Center, 327 Leavey Center
Time: 10AM - 2PM

Celebrate the end to a wonderful month and gear up for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.