About Us


Created in 1990, the mission of Georgetown University Women’s Center (GUWC) is to foster an environment to support, educate and empower women of all cultures, races, sexual orientations, genders and ages providing a safe environment while respecting all facets of women’s abilities, spirituality and differences. GUWC celebrates women’s achievements and advocates for a climate that promotes social justice, free of all barriers and discrimination.

In fulfilling its mission the Center provides students, faculty and staff with education, information, services and programs that address matters of particular concern to women — while exploring the connections among gender, race, economic status, sexual orientation, culture, ability, religion, political views and other significant elements in relation to women’s individuality and collective identity. Through a commitment to educate, advocate and care for the whole person, the GUWC provides opportunities for total campus involvement while attending to the specific needs and concerns of women at Georgetown University.