Keeping it Real: Faculty Conversation Series

We have started an event series centered around women faculty and their experiences in academia. You can find a list of these conversations and links to their recordings below.

Spring 2021 Conversations:

February 4: Prof. Elena Silva and Caitland Love (COL ’21)

Caitland (top) & Prof. Silva (bottom)

Caitland Love (Neurobiology, College 2021) talked with Prof. Elena Silva (Vice Dean of Faculty and Diversity, Professor, Department of Biology, Professor, Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience) about being a woman in the sciences, being from Texas, and transitions to college.


February 10: Prof. Amy Leonard & Associate Director Annie Selak

Annie (top) & Prof. Leonard (bottom)

Description: Prof. Amy Leonard (Associate Professor of History & Director of Undergraduate Studies) and Annie Selak (Associate Director of the Women’s Center) talk about what it’s like to “fall in love” with a subject, as well as witches, nuns, Martin Luther, and their favorite DC restaurants.


February 17: Prof. Libbie Rifkin and Madeleine Gibbons-Shapiro (COL ’21)

Madeleine (top) & Prof. Rifkin (bottom)

Description: Madeleine Gibbons-Shapiro (Sociology, College, 2021) and Prof. Libbie Rifkin (Teaching Professor, Department of English and Program in Disability Studies, Special Advisor for Disability to the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) talk about disability studies, families, and how heartbreak can inform your career path.


February 24: Prof. Zandria Robinson and Jenni Loo (SFS ’21)

Jenni (top) & Prof. Robinson (bottom)

Jenni Loo (CULP, SFS ’21, concentration in Storytelling, Technology, and Justice) talks with Prof. Zandria Robinson (Associate Professor, Department of African American Studies) about the importance of place, art, intersectionality, and what someone who is thinking about going into academia should be thinking about.


March 4: Prof. Rosemary Ndubuizu & Alyssa Whitaker (COL ’21)

Alyssa (top) & Prof. Ndubuizu (bottom)

Alyssa Whitaker (COL ’21, American Studies Major and African American Studies Minor) talks with Prof. Rosemary Ndubuizu (Assistant Professor, Department of African American Studies) about community organizing, grassroots politics, the role of protest, and radical Black feminism.


March 11: Prof. Lakshmi Krishnan & Caroline Mulvaney (SFS ’21)

Caroline (top) & Prof. Krishnan (bottom)

Caroline Mulvaney (SFS ’21, International History) and Prof. Lakshmi Krishnan (Director, Georgetown Medical Humanities Initiative, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Affiliate Joint Faculty in English) discuss joining together a love for literature and medicine, medical humanities, and how career paths can take twists and turns.


March 16: Prof. LaMonda Horton-Stallings & Kayla Friedland (SFS ’22)

Kayla (top) & Prof. Horton-Stallings (bottom)

Kayla Friedland (SFS ’22, Culture & Politics major, Women & Gender Studies Minor) and Prof. LaMonda Horton-Stallings (Chair and Professor of African American Studies) talk about diversity & inclusion work, the field of African American and Black Studies, and the role of activism and allyship in higher education.


March 23: Prof. Stephanie Kim & Mariam Martinez (SCS ’21)

Mariam (top) & Prof. Kim (bottom)


April 9: Prof. April Sizemore-Barber & Siena Hohne (COL ’22)

Prof. Sizemore-Barber


April 23: Prof. Amanda Phillips & Macky Grimm (COL ’21)

Macky (top) & Prof. Phillips (bottom)


April 26: Prof. Amrita Ibrahim and Haley Wierzbicki (COL ’21)

Haley (top) & Prof. Ibrahim (bottom)


May 6: Prof. Desha Girod & Carly Gordenstein (MA ’21)

Carly (top) & Prof. Girod (bottom)


Fall 2020 Conversations:

September 10: Prof. Sara Collina, JD and Katarina Watson (COL ’21)

Katarina (top) & Prof. Collina (bottom)


September 21: Prof. You-Me Park, director of WGST, and Katarina Watson (COL ’21)

Katarina (top) & Prof. Park (bottom)


October 1: Prof. Sylvia Önder and Haley Wierzbicki (COL ’21)

Haley (top) & Prof. Önder (bottom)


October 7: Prof. Shareen Joshi and Varsha Menon (SFS ’21)

Prof. Shareen Joshi (main picture)

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October 16: Prof. Marissa Fond and Macky Grimm (COL ’21)

Macky (top) & Prof. Fond (bottom)

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October 22: Prof. Soyica Colbert and Margaret Gleason (COL ’22)

Prof. Soyica Colbert (main picture)

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October 27: Prof. Mireya Loza and Daniella Sanchez (COL ’22)

Daniella (top) & Prof. Loza (bottom)

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November 12: Prof. Julia Watts Belser and Anna Landre (SFS ’21)

Anna (top) & Prof. Watts Belzer (bottom)