Mission, Vision & Values


The Georgetown University Women’s Center seeks to create community through a holistic approach that fosters a just and equitable environment for students, faculty, staff, and alumni informed by the Jesuit tradition.


Founded in 1990, the Georgetown University Women’s Center was established as a space for women— faculty, staff, and students—  to build community and thrive on the Hilltop. In 2022, the demographics are significantly different on campus, and women make up the majority of the student body. The Women’s Center seeks to be a bold, vibrant, and transformative space in which to re-imagine the work of creating community and promoting flourishing for a new time. We unequivocally affirm that trans women are women. We welcome people of all gender identities who support the mission of gender equity. 

The Georgetown University Women’s Center embraces and builds upon our Catholic, Jesuit heritage, which calls us to celebrate all identities, faiths, and cultures. An intersectional approach calls attention to the ways that variations of race, culture, nationality, religion, ability, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation interact with gender identity. We seek to foster and promote a space where students, faculty, staff, and alumni can come together to advance gender equity on campus and promote the formation and flourishing of all. We are guided by the values of justice, education, and community. These are enriched in the context of the Jesuit values of cura personalis, academic excellence, educating the whole person, faith & justice, people for others, inter-religious understanding, and community in diversity. These call us to examine and challenge structures that privilege some identities over others. The Women’s Center creates a community of women, men, and non-binary persons, informed with a generous spirit who work together to create an equitable campus environment. 


These values guide our mission and our work:
Justice: We seek an intersectional approach to justice. Justice includes gender justice, racial justice, economic justice, disability justice, and social justice. This value calls us to challenge oppressive ideologies and seek a community where all are recognized as having human dignity.
Community: We are better when we are together. The Women’s Center promotes a collaborative community where diversity is celebrated. This involves challenging structures of domination in order to create an environment where all are truly welcome.
Formation for Flourishing: An education at Georgetown includes personal and communal formation. We embrace our Jesuit heritage that calls for the flourishing of all persons, especially those on the margins. This call to flourishing occurs throughout one’s lifetime. Through this formation, we are called to work for justice in our communities.