Education & Outreach


Feminist Roundtable: Monthly Series in The Women’s Center

Each month the Women’s Center hosts an open dialogue for students to discuss relevant topics including:

  • Accessing Activist Spaces: Are activist spaces inherently accessible to all people? Should they be? What barriers exist to accessing feminism or social justice circles?
  • Who Gets to Call Themselves a Feminist: What is Feminism? Who gets to call themselves a feminist? Is feminism inherently political? Do I consider myself a feminist?
  • Is Feminism Inclusive?: A dialogue on the history of feminism and issues of gender non-binary and trans identities that do not conform to traditional understandings of “Women.”
Gender Dialogues & Discussion

The GUWC offers dialogues and discussions around issues of sexism, feminism and gender identity development. The GU WC can offer students, faculty and staff:

  • Support and education that focus on gender, sexism and feminism, and current campus climate issues.
  • Based upon the need of your group/organization the discussion will revolve around the current issue and how it connects in creating a safer space for all GU students.
  • Information about the Women’s Center services and how we support the campus community.

Please email us at to schedule a workshop

Leadership Retreat & Development with the GU WC-Q

Through the generosity of the Biondi Copeland Familiy Fund the GU WC-Q provides a annual leadership retreat for women students at our SFS-Q campus. Students explore gender, leadership and engage in community building activities.

Learn more about the GU WC-Q.

Telling Her Story: Speaker Series

Every woman has a story and throughout the academic year we bring to the campus community the journies of diverse and dynamic women. Scholars, authors, national leaders, activists, international women, and Georgetown women speak about career, faith, family, identity and the events and experiences that have impacted who they are as women.