WAGE Pillars

What is WAGE?

The WAGE Institute was founded on 5 pillars:


The WAGE Fellowship seeks to foster student leadership amongst women and those who support gender equity on the Georgetown campus through networking and constructive guidance. It brings together alumni leaders to support each other and inspire current students to pursue leadership in their personal and professional lives.

Gender Equity

The WAGE Fellowship promotes awareness of gender inequities which persist in the workplace and on university campuses. In light of this, we seek to offer programming that creates dialogue among undergraduates and alumni and leads to creative problem solving. The fellowship hopes to instill values of gender equity within its fellows as they continue in their careers and personal lives.


The WAGE Fellowship provides mentorship on two levels. It first gives alumni a meaningful opportunity to advise undergraduates in their transition from college to professional/academic life via sharing experiences and positive role modeling. It also develops its fellows (juniors and seniors) into mentors for freshmen and sophomores at Georgetown. Through this mentorship experience, the alumni and undergraduates will develop deep relationships with each other which cater to the development of the whole person.


The WAGE Fellowship is a vehicle for undergraduates to learn more about themselves. By cultivating this introspection, the fellowship will then give access to different platforms for expression in the professional and personal realms.


The WAGE Fellowship is a community of fellows and alumni who come together at least once a year in the form of a retreat for knowledge sharing and relationship building. However, WAGE also forms an inclusive community beyond its fellows. This greater community engages Georgetown alumni in a proactive network by utilizing interactive online tools as well as face-to-face contact. These tools also allow the fellows to extend their access to resources to the rest of undergraduate community.