A Decolonial Feminism: Book Talk with François Vergès

On November 9th, we hosted François Vergès, author of A Decolonial Feminism (Pluto Press, 2021). Rokhaya Diallo facilitated the conversation.

For too long feminism has been co-opted by the forces they seek to dismantle. In this powerful manifesto, Françoise Vergès argues that feminists should no longer be accomplices of capitalism, racism, colonialism and imperialism: it is time to fight the system that created the boss, built the prisons and polices women’s bodies.

A Decolonial Feminism grapples with the central issues in feminist debates today: from Eurocentrism and whiteness, to power, inclusion and exclusion. Delving into feminist and anti-racist histories, Vergès also assesses contemporary activism, movements and struggles, including #MeToo and the Women’s Strike.

This program was presented by the GenderJustice Initiative, the Women’s Center, Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Department of African American Studies

The entirety of the conversation of A Decolonial Feminism with François Vergès, moderated by Rokhaya Diallo


François Vergès, scholar and activist

Rokhaya Diallo (moderator), author, filmmaker and journalist, G+JI’s Researcher-in-Residence

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